Friday, March 12, 2010

New Plans

I am am addict of the great homeone forum - over the past few years, I've really enjoyed reading people's stories of their builds, and also gained a lot of knowledge, and great ideas to steal!!!

So in my thread, I had a lovely comment from "Jim", who had been following our progress - or lack of there of....and wanted updates on the blog and plans. I feel really excited and touched that someone cares about the drama we have been through - most people see us and say "how's the house going?" OR "got a house yet", but truly don't understand all the shit we have been faced with.

So Jim, this is for you :)

She's not the prettiest house on the street, but she's ours! :)

Ground floor
First Floor


Bel x x x


  1. Hey Bel,
    Congratulations on getting so close to the build stage, thanks for posting the plans for "me" :D
    Your plans look great! It is yours and I'm sure you'd be really proud of it when the frames start to go up :)
    It will be the best on your street.
    Will continue watching your blog, keep the pics coming in

  2. Hi there Bel

    I went on your blog today after watching it for a long time and I had a very pleasant surprise. Your plans look flawless, and I would not be sad about not having a rumpus, the house looks absolutely huge! In fact you will be surprised once you move in on how much space you really have (we were). Your building certificate will not take much time and in about six months you should be almost finished. What a lovely Xmas this is going to be!
    Keep us updated and very best wishes. I knew you would do it....