Friday, March 12, 2010

External Colors

I had the color selection Thursday where I had to select all external and internal colors and selections expect tiling and flooring.

Thanks to the ever talented Michelle at De Novo Concepts who is fabulous with color, it made the formal selection process a breeze.

It took an hour to run through external and internal selections, with me only having to make a couple of selections on the spot.

Michelle also took the headache of agonising over selections away - I told her it was now her headache!!! (Lucky she has a sense of humour and laughed!!!)

Here are the external selections - similar to first time 'round, but better :)

The picture has come up pretty small - if you click on it, it should be clearer.

Bricks: Boral Blackheath
Roof: Boral Charcoal Grey Striata (sp?)
Mortar: Off white Raked
Gutters, Fascia, Downpipes: Woodland Grey
Windows/Sliding doors: Surfmist
Garage Door: Windspray
Front Doors: Timber stained

I think that's it :)


Bel x x x


  1. Yippee!!!!!! Wooden front door......I think it'll be my turn to stalk your house just to see the door - LOL.
    Wait a minute!!! I can't see your front door from the street - dang!! Will just have to fantasise about it!
    Great colour choices bel(Mish) - naturally :)

  2. Bugger....just realised you're having a double entry *getting teary*.....I want your doors!

  3. Ha ha Southies it's not *that* great!!! I will have to check out that picture you had again though - had to pick a stain on the spot from the darn Taubmans list - Mich gave me a Cabots colour!!!

  4. Fabulous, just fabulous *clapping furiously*!!!
    Well done to bel and Michelle. *still clapping*