Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Engineers reports, Trees and Holidays

Just a quick update. Spoke with the builder yesterday and again today - follow up (!) - and the Structural engineer report and another (?) are completed, now need the dilapidation report and stormwater hydraulics report (I think). Hmmm not good at focusing on the detail am I!
They also need to get Sydney Water approval for the building over the sewer.

We also got 4 trees cut down yesterday, and the tree people are also clearing the block of crapola for us. It means that the block will be completing clear, ready for building. We inherited a pile of concrete/rubble from god knows who (probably the previous owner - can't remember).

Getting there!!! And it's finally getting exciting.

Oh and we are going on holidays tomorrow! Taking the kids to the Gold Coast for a family holiday. We haven't taken the twins before, and this will be the first time they have been on a plane.

See you all late March!

Bel x x x


  1. Have a great time bel & come back relaxed to face the 'journey':)

  2. well done on getting closer Bel. I can't work out why councils need a million and a half different reports to approve the construction certificate, couldn't they just ask for the lot during the DA stage?!
    I guess it's a way to justify where our council rates are going ;)
    Have fun on your holidays

  3. Oh Oh Oh , it's gorgeous and it's real bel, it's GOING to HAPPEN! WOOOHOOOO!!!