Friday, March 12, 2010

New beginnings - again :)

Wow Here I am back! :)

At lot has happened in the past 6+ months. DH and I went around in circles trying to find the best solution for us and our family.

I'll try and reduce the past few months in a paragraph or two........

In a nutshell, we had 2 choices - sell and buy established, or persevere with a build. We shopped around for an established place, but in the end, we couldn't afford what we could build.

So then it was ok - what house/builder do we build??? We decided we just need *a* house on the land, to get out of rental hell, and get some balance in the kids lives - not the *one day new house*

Unfortunately HH didn't work out - very long story there, and we went back to W to say - build a house.

As in all great sagas, it couldn't have been that simple - yep prices went up to build, and we had less money than when we started as rental houses in Sydney are a shocker. So, once we received a revised tender, it was again 2 choices - borrow more money, or slash and burn the house. We chose *reluctantly* the slash and burn option. Had to cut off the rumpus (I cried for days), but ended up reconfiguring kitchen/laundry area which I'm happy with. I'm now over the *we aren't going to have a rumpus for the kids* and figure, they will have their own bedrooms for the first time, as well as several living areas - gee what more could we possibly give them........

So where are we now - well the Section 96 was approved, we had color selection Thursday, engineers reports are being ordered and Construction certificate is on it's way.

Let's get Bel a house in 2010!!!! :)


  1. Woo hoo!!!!! I like the sound of 'construction certificate' Belinda. Did you ever think you'd be using that word on this blog?? LOL

    Great work at having hung on for this long!!!

  2. x x x x Southies - I know - seems weird doesn't it!! I did think of starting a new blog - you know - just in case this one is cursed !! - but it does show a lot of the story - not all - but a lot :)

    B x x x