Friday, July 10, 2009


It has been so long since posting on here, mainly because I still don't have any good news. I've been a bit down about the so called "build", and can't believe we are still having problems. The new builder, actually sales rep, just doesn't seem to understand how to build on our block. Yes, it is not a standard block, in a new estate, like he is probably used to. But, the KDRB market is a valuable one here in Sydney, and the majority of KDRB's would be on difficult blocks in some way. Anyway I digress, point of the matter is he doesn't know enough technical stuff to assist us, it's only when I kick and scream that he seems to get it.

So what's been happening.....
After the last post, we received a tender document with the revised changes, half splits etc, and the cost did increase a little but we were ok with it. It's at the top end of our spending so no fancy upgrades (we maybe a few!) but not upgraded to the max like the last place was. I'm happy with this, surprisingly. Long ago I've given up that idea of this will be our "dream" house. Nope, we will build that another time!

The sales rep wanted us to sign on the dotted line, but basically he couldn't answer my pressing questions. The conversation went something like this:
Me: I've spoken with Sydney water about the sewer line in the garage, and potentially accordingly to the drawing we could have a sewer suspended mid air in the garage. What are the floor levels etc to make sure this isn't happening.
Sales Rep: Oh don't worry about that, once we get to contract we will order a sewer pegout, and it will show it then.
Me: Ummm, bit of a show stopper isn't it.
Sales Rep: Na na just sign
Me: Don't think for one moment I will sign a damn thing when this might not even be the house we build. Why would I sign anything when I don't know what house I'll be building. Are you kidding.
Sales Rep: Umm are there any questions you have from the tender.
Me: Until we sort this out I am not signing a thing and not prepared to move forward. As for the tender I haven't even started on that. (!)
Sales Rep: Oh ok let me speak with the architect/designer.

Gets back to me a few days (!) later, and the conversation is:
Sales Rep: Ok we think the best thing to do is do a sewer pegout as we can not rely on a verbal from Sydney Water. I've spoken with "Management" who is willing to share this cost.
Me: (thinking ffs) Yep do it, that's what I've been trying to say

About a week later, still no pegout, so I chase and say when is it happening? To the reply of it's been ordered.

Finally I get a copy and we have answers.

But AGAIN I've have to question the design principles....the conversation.....

Sales Rep: We have the pegout back and we need to raise the level of the house about 1 meter.
Me: Riiigghhhttt, so aren't we going back to the initial problem. (See previous post about laundry issue, and full split vs half split). Why are you continuing to try and make this house fit, when we have asked you from day one to design it to our block and our requirements!!!! Argghh
Sales Rep: Oh, ok well I wanted to drop in the new revised tender with the amendments to the floor level, raising it up.
Me: (thinking are you for real) Fine drop it in, but we still have a fundamental problem
Sales Rep: Ok I'll drop it in.

About 15 mins later he calls again
Sales Rep: I've spoken with "Management" you know the Head honcho (Bel rolls eyes), and he said not to give you that tender as it will just get you offside with the increased amounts for Drop edge beams etc, maybe it is best you come in and speak with the architect again and design again.
Me: Yep (told you so)

So we are now waiting to visit them again for the 4th time (I think) at bloody Baulkham Hills. The worst part is that it's school holidays so I will have to take 3 kids with me. Arrghhh. Hopefully Mum (love you Mum!) will be free to take them for a milkshake!

Here are a couple of my goes at redesigning for the problems on the block. Anyone else got any ideas? BTW I'm not going to show them, I want to see what they come up with!!!

I didn't quite work out the upstairs bedroom areas in the 3 plans yet, but it's a start. I think the first one is my favorite at the moment - would probably work out to be most expensive! Argghh.

Oh - if you are still reading - Well done - I crapped on didn't I!!! ha ha ha :)