Monday, May 31, 2010

Construction Certificate issued!

OMG can you believe it! I'm so excited - can't wipe the smile from my face!!!

Today we had the call we have been waiting weeks (years) for. We finally have the construction certificate.

I'm so excited - did I tell you that!!! ha ha ha

This week we need to sign the contract, which should be tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest, then the site start will be within 20 working days from that. Our Customer Service lady - K, said she will try and push the start asap, due to length of wait we have had all this time. Thanks you K, yes please push the start forward as much as possible. Fingers crossed, but that should mean that we have something happening before the end of June. I think I'll pass out when I see actual work happening!!!

Yay for me!!!!!!

Bel :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update on the update - take 2

Hmph *bloody* Hmph. We still do not have a CC. The certifier has now asked for a Certification for the Hydraulic Design that it complies with Council regulation. Oh please, how many more darn reports can we possibly get on this house. Seriously, we have so many plans, engineering reports, and the like, I'm really over it atm. Just start it. *AARRRGGGHHHHH*

Bel :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Update on the update

Hmph, still no CC *rolls eyes*. Emailed the builder today asking where are we at, and they are waiting for the Home warranty insurance to come through. Let's hope we get it tomorrow as mentioned.

Thanks for the coffee girls (Themax, Southies, Justcamping) - had a ball :) Loving our new H1LLS club!

Bel :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No celebration tonight :(

All well, I knew it was too good to be true - no we don't have the CC. Well the builder has left it until the 11th hour to get back to me, and said that we should now have it Monday. Hmph.

Good news though the Bank is all sorted, apparently all we need to do send off a fax authorisation when we need to pay a progress payment. They don't need anymore paperwork etc, so that's one good thing.

I'm not thinking about house stuff this weekend! Master 7 has soccer, and 2 birthday parties on Saturday, then another party on Sunday. Looks like I'll be the taxi to and from the parties all weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you Southies, Themax and JC Monday morning for coffee! So excited!

Bel x x

And closer again......

Well rubbish man quoted and got the job. He will be coming Saturday - yes tomorrow - to remove all the rubbish from the block, then we will have a nice clean slate for the builder to start.

Going off now to call the Bank to see what they need (if anything) to be happy to release funds when we need to.

I still know we are a good few weeks away to starting, but I'm a teeny tiny bit more enthused so I'll run with it! Ha ha ha

Will let you know if we actually get the CC today :)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another step closer

Wow, well I just got off the phone from the builder, and we should have our construction certificate by the end of the week!!! *does happy dance* Next week we will finalise contract (need to sign it) and bank stuff (need a letter to commence or something???) then we should be ready to go!

I made another call today to a rubbish removal person - we have a pile of rubble/concrete/crappola up the back, that if we don't get rid of now, it will become a feature once the house is built. Hopefully this guy actually quotes and gets back to me. I've made so may calls about the pile of rubbish, it seems no one wants the work *rolls eyes*

Small steps but oh so exciting!!!

Bel :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another month goes by

At least this time I have some promising news!

Let me start where I left off........

We finally got the drainage plans through, but lo and behold, no OSD, but 6, yes 6, grate things in the ground everywhere. It seems to me that we are compensating for the council's lack of adequate stormwater assets.

Anyway, the drainage plans did not include utilising the side easement. When I questioned this with the builder, I was asked if I actually told the drainage engineer that we had an easement. Huh, isn't that your job?

Long story short - the easement is too complicated to use, so we will just go with the drawn up plans. It is costing $10k more than budgeted for, but what can we do. Looks like we won't have new furniture for a while *rolls eyes* I'm at the stage I just want the darn thing to start, so I have hope that we will indeed get a house one day.

I've sent an email to the builder this arvo, to say, ok go ahead with drainage plans, and now what's next!

Will let you know!