Friday, March 12, 2010

Internal colors

Well now I'm on a role with posting again, thought I might as well upload the internal colors.

Again they are similar to last time - just better!!! Ha ha ha

Internal Walls :Taubmans/Bristol Moonriver
Trims/Doors/Ceiling: Illusive White
Kitchen Cupboards: White Gloss poly
Kitchen Bench: QQ Luna White
Kitchen Kickers: White Gloss Poly
Laundry Cupboards: Polytec Gesso Lini (sorry Mich got a bit carried away from white ;) )
Laundry Benchtop: Polytec Snow Fabrini
Ensuite/Powder Room Benchtop: QQ Riverstone
Main Bath Benchtop: QQ Ice
All Bathroom vanities: Designer White
Tiling: to be selected at a later date - but see photos for my ideas :)
Front Doors: Hume XVP11 for Stain
Staircase: Stained handrail and posts - waiting for quote if I have standard black stingers (is that the word ??) or stainless steel. All will be vertical with not fancy ones!!! Plain aren't I?

That's all I can think of atm - Oh had to do all the taps and things, but for me that wasn't very exciting!!! Dad will change over tapware, showerheads, kitchen to a vege sprayer at a later date for me. Thanks Dad :)

Here is all the internals together. Was hard to photograph with the overhead light, and the camera flash. On my laptop it's looking a little pinky, not in real life thank goodnees!!!



  1. Hi Bel,

    I think the plan is still great - plenty of rooms. And of course great color selection.


  2. Hi Bel,

    Great to see you're posting again. The compromises we have to make huh. "Culmination of blood sweat and tears" is so true. How do things get so complicated????
    Anyway, colours look fab. I think we're getting a similar benchtop!


  3. I love your choices bel, It's going to look magnificent. Can't wait to see it....

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