Friday, May 22, 2009

Just give me a #@$% house!

Hi All,

It has been about a month since I've updated the blog - I've been busy with "stuff". You know the type of thing - kids, DS sleep problems (which we now have a diagnosis Yippee), me trying to find a new job, the list goes on!

Anyway, as you can see from the posts title, I'm getting so frustrated with this whole process.

Let me summarise what's happened in the last few weeks.

After we received the sketches, a few days later we got these - the revised sketches drawn up properly with our changes. I still am happy with these plans, and think we'll have a house that is a bit different.Might not be to everyone's cup of tea, but works for us and the block!!

Front Elevation

Ground Floor

Upstairs Floor

So like I said we were happy with the design, and the Sales guy wanted to meet with us the following week to discuss plans, revised costs and going forward.

In that meeting he came to our home after hours - I thought it was just because he didn't want the twins wrecking the display again :) lol! DH told me to give the guy a break and he is just trying to offer some service. Hmmmm I'm too cynical! Anyway what was presented was all good, in budget (just) and we agreed to sign the paperwork to go to tender.

Anyway that was a couple of weeks ago, and Mother's Day weekend, Dh was on the block trying to clear the 2m high weeds, and a surveyor from Huxley turns up to do levels. Great - somethings happening we think. Even though I had supplied 2 other builders levels, as well as the DA that had been previously approved, and everything else except costings.

Well on Monday I called to find out where the tender was, (why do you have to chase them Grrr) and to find out where we are at, and to organise to go through the display home up at Fern Bay (just past Newcastle on the way to Nelson Bay). I wanted to go to Newcastle on Wednesday, as DS was at school and goes to a friends in the afternoon (no pick up), and Mum could have the twins.
No, couldn't do it - they have a sales meeting in Sydney, so the local rep is here. Hello, can't ANYONE else show me the darn house. So annoying and I let him know it. It is so hard to organise no kid time to do stuff like this, I was soooo pissed off.

Then the sales rep announces that he needs to see us as there has been issues with the laundry and the levels. Ummm what's the problem I say - the laundry is about 2m off the ground!

So what ended up happening was that he came over again to show us the problems, and explained that the designer/architect when drawing the house used the levels that W had on their drawings, but when H did the levels they differed and there way of fixing the laundry off the ground issue was a set of steps to the backyard. Not ideal.

Then we started asking the sales rep about the whole design philosophy. Wow I know more about building than he does, either that or he's told not to say anything! I understand we have a difficult block - but our reason for going to H in the first place is because they building split level homes. They should have experience in this!!! Grrr. Basically it looks like they have taken natural ground level from the back of where the house would be, and built forward. It means we have a full split, and massive cut and soil removal. We tried to ask why this is the case, he couldn't answer. So off we went the next day to head office again, to sit with the designer/architect to do the design properly and to discuss levels/design better.

It seemed to me that they had a design that didn't really work, and instead of redesigning, they tried to come up with quick fix solutions.

They meeting was heated, but hopefully they understand we are not idiots and understand more than they think.

Also, looks like we will have half spilts, should suit the land better. You know, the fall over the building platform is about 3m. It is quite a bit, but isn't that why you have split level homes?

Will keep you posted. Hoping to have new sketches and a tender this week.

Had to share this picture with you - it reminds me why I'm on this journey (It is a couple of months old but who cares!) . We are coming up to 2 years since we sold the last place :(

Bel :)