Monday, August 10, 2009

Going around in circles

Long time no post. Again no good news.

Start rant:
Arrggh is all I can say!!! Sales rep is on holidays at the moment, but didn't bother to tell us that.

We redesigned again during the last week of the school holidays (4 or so weeks ago) and Sales Rep didn't bother to get back to us with revised pricing. I called the office last week to find out he was on leave until the end of the month. Today I've finally spoken with someone who just told me the latest tender price which I'm not so happy about! I haven't seen a break down in costs but he said site costs were $61k and DEB's another $30k. Hmmmm what to do. We are way over budget now. It annoys me that out our first meeting we discussed budget and house size, but they are now saying that they can not do it in our original price range. (We are at least 50k over it)
I haven't been overly happy with them up until now, but keep telling myself that once I get through the sales rep process, they will be better (I figure the sales rep just doesn't know what he is talking about!). I think, like a friend on H1 said, I was kidding myself that when HH said they were the sloping block specialists, that I actually believed it!!! Again I think my jaded view is clouded by the sales rep's lack of knowledge.
End Rant!

I have been talking with smaller builders in our area for a custom build, but keep hitting roadblocks. One recommended builder does Tafe teaching now, another quoted $2k a sq m (which would be around $750k! -we don't have that budget!!! :lol: )

I'm now talking with W again, just to get a house built. My preference is HH's split level, but long ago I've given up on the dream home idea. I just want some stability for my family, as we have been on this journey nearly 2 years. You live and learn. What I thought initially was a flat block, well I know what to look out for next time!

Time to get a house built Belinda!!!

Onwards and upwards!!