Monday, September 6, 2010

Progress is the sweetest word

So can you believe it, I still haven't taken more slab pictures. Just. Haven't. Had. A. Chance. I actually can't believe it myself - I was going to get down there to take a few on the weekend, but we had washed out cricket (but ended up with a mate over for Jack), birthday present shopping for the twins (4 on Friday), work, grocery shopping, work, and then Father's Day, it didn't happen.

Anyway, it looks like we will have a continual stream of trades on site for the next few weeks (I guess as long as the weather is ok and the moons align). This week we are booked in for external drainage, and next week the frame will be delivered.

Gee I hope we have rain free weeks for a while.

I'm doing the electrical appointment Thursday. I'll be dropping Jack at school, and then off to Penrith we go! Then it'll be back for school pick up, and then into Randwick for a specialist follow up. I'm not sure how I'll survive the day - it'll be tears all round no doubt!!!

I still haven't completed the tile selection either. I had been putting it off, knowing other friends experiences of the discontinued tiles. I also really don't like DL as a tile store. Anyway it looks like the builder has gone into partnership with another tile place, who of course are at NorWest. But the good news is they have a showroom at Bankstown, so I can go there for a look see, before the actual selections.

That's it for the moment - it's going to be a hectic week!

Bel :)

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  1. Lucky you bel.......tiles at Bankstown! Now that's a reprieve.

    Hoping the rain holds off for would be a blessing, considering the delays you've had.