Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I believe the term is conslabulations!

Finally! And I've done the "the slab looks tiny" thought process more than once since yesterday. I keep telling myself a house of 34 squares is not tiny, especially since we are upgrading from 10-11 squares.
Will have to get some more photos in the next few days - I've got 2 friends of Jack's coming over for a play after school this afternoon, then tomorrow busy trying to get Hannah and Tommy's birthday present - without them knowing what I'm doing (They turn 4 next week). Then Friday work. Boring. Don't they know I need to take photos of concrete!!!!
Yesterday when I took these photos my girlfriend came with me. Whilst taking them, I said to her, how many photos of concrete is enough before it's a bit silly. She thought 10. I refrained from telling her I'd already taken more than that!!! (And she built 5 years ago, so should know better!)

Completed - well almost ;)

And this was my favourite part of getting the slab. The tradies were so good about us being on site - they said to me - it's your house. When I explained I had heard horror stories of not being allowed to watch the major progress points - he said, well we have nothing to hide, go ahead and take photos. I took them throughout the day, and by late afternoon, they were still there. The kids wanted to see what all the fuss was, and I wanted to sneak in their initials in the slab. They were all still there (well 5 of the 8 guys who were working on the slab) finally sitting down having a beer/smoko break, which they said was the first of the day. (I hope it was with the beer anyway!). I asked if the kids would be able to put their initials in the garage floor - they couldn't as they hadn't gone over it with the machine - but then proceeded to find me another spot to do it, and helped me get them around the side! Their words - we didn't see anything. Love 'em!

Jack holding the nail which he used to write their initials!


  1. Woooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never thought I'd be sooooo excited to see another concrete slab, Bel! lol
    God,it's been such a long haul for you guys......I'm so very, very happy for you all!!

    34 squares tiny ?? No way Jose!
    If you like Bel, you can come over to our own 34 sq place & test that theory by doing a weekly cleaning.....you're more than welcome. lol

  2. Congrats Bel! 34 square is huge compared with my little 25 square!