Monday, September 6, 2010

To good to be true

I knew it! I've been waiting for an email from the new tile place for the "codes" that are included in the builders range. This meant I could go to Bankstown (close to home) to have a look/see and get an idea of the range.

Just received an email. Urgh. It's off to Norwest I go (not close to home). Apparently they don't have the ranges at Bankstown.


Knew it was too good to be true!

Bel :)


  1. Don't you just want to tear your hair out, bel?
    B****y building!!!
    The whole process is like that!! grrrrrr

    OH well....just hop on the M5, M7 (more money lol) & you'll be there in no time.

  2. Drat, now it'll be a big trek with more planning involved. Are you doing the floor coverings of the rest of the house after handover?

  3. We are actually doing all flooring with the builder - for a couple of reasons......even though I know it'd be more cost effective to do it myself. *shrugs* It'll be pretty basic tiles/carpets at first :)