Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update on the update - take 2

Hmph *bloody* Hmph. We still do not have a CC. The certifier has now asked for a Certification for the Hydraulic Design that it complies with Council regulation. Oh please, how many more darn reports can we possibly get on this house. Seriously, we have so many plans, engineering reports, and the like, I'm really over it atm. Just start it. *AARRRGGGHHHHH*

Bel :)


  1. Bel, your situation sound very similar to what i went through in terms of CC. We were bounced back and forth between certifier and Council as no one was familiar with a CC with hydraulic requirements. At the end, I got a contact for the council person from the builder and called the council person myself. That's when they tell me Council has sent the council requirements for sites with 'onsite detention systems' to the builder in which the builder can now amend hydraulic plans can be approved by certifier without involving the council.
    If you have not already, get in touch with council and get these "special requirements" sent through so at least you have 1 less party to deal with and the builder knows exactly what to draw.
    Hope that makes sense. I received my CC 1 week after I made that call to the council..
    Once again, good luck Bel!

  2. Hi Bel,
    I agree with JimandSal, take matters into your own hands and make some enquiries.