Thursday, May 20, 2010

And closer again......

Well rubbish man quoted and got the job. He will be coming Saturday - yes tomorrow - to remove all the rubbish from the block, then we will have a nice clean slate for the builder to start.

Going off now to call the Bank to see what they need (if anything) to be happy to release funds when we need to.

I still know we are a good few weeks away to starting, but I'm a teeny tiny bit more enthused so I'll run with it! Ha ha ha

Will let you know if we actually get the CC today :)



  1. Hi Bel,
    Keep us posted, I can't wait to see your house, it is a long time coming. If you need advice on how to handle W. (not that you look like you need any) you can count on me!!!!!

  2. OMG bel, action happening on your block. What a saga. I wish I had one of those H1 emoticons :(

    If the CC arrives today, we'll have to toast you with a cappucino on Monday. lol

  3. Oh and your babies are darlings!

  4. Hope you get the CC today. We had a bit of delay getting the bank's "commencement authority letter" due to their Christmas break. Hope you don't have much trouble on that. In deed it's closer but I guess the big celebration is the slab party. Can't wait to see you getting slabbed!