Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another step closer

Wow, well I just got off the phone from the builder, and we should have our construction certificate by the end of the week!!! *does happy dance* Next week we will finalise contract (need to sign it) and bank stuff (need a letter to commence or something???) then we should be ready to go!

I made another call today to a rubbish removal person - we have a pile of rubble/concrete/crappola up the back, that if we don't get rid of now, it will become a feature once the house is built. Hopefully this guy actually quotes and gets back to me. I've made so may calls about the pile of rubbish, it seems no one wants the work *rolls eyes*

Small steps but oh so exciting!!!

Bel :)


  1. yoohoo!! so happy for you Bel!!

  2. Woo hoo bel, we'll have something to celebrate on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Bel,
    so happy for you, once you start it is pretty quick, we started on 1st June last year and we had the keys on Xmas eve.

    What a lovely xmas it is going to be!