Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another month goes by

At least this time I have some promising news!

Let me start where I left off........

We finally got the drainage plans through, but lo and behold, no OSD, but 6, yes 6, grate things in the ground everywhere. It seems to me that we are compensating for the council's lack of adequate stormwater assets.

Anyway, the drainage plans did not include utilising the side easement. When I questioned this with the builder, I was asked if I actually told the drainage engineer that we had an easement. Huh, isn't that your job?

Long story short - the easement is too complicated to use, so we will just go with the drawn up plans. It is costing $10k more than budgeted for, but what can we do. Looks like we won't have new furniture for a while *rolls eyes* I'm at the stage I just want the darn thing to start, so I have hope that we will indeed get a house one day.

I've sent an email to the builder this arvo, to say, ok go ahead with drainage plans, and now what's next!

Will let you know!



  1. Hope to hear more on Monday, Bel!

  2. Builders seem to talk about 1000s of dollars like they are small change, spare a thought for those of us that work hard to earn them.
    Stay strong Bel, more good news I'm sure will come very soon.
    Your kids are very cute and happy btw, it's all worth it seeing them happy.