Monday, February 9, 2009

The Plans

So you might ask, what house are we building?

OMG - we are up to our 4,378 set of plans, but these are what have been approved by council a few weeks ago. We had to redesign our plans around a tree, yes a tree. A Sydney Blue gum to be precise. As I read on a thread (thanks Stormy) on my favourite site Homeone, they look better on the floor than on my block :) !!! That's why we have pushed the house to the left (tree on right). We also had to meet council's wall articulation, hence some funny wall placements.


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  2. Hi There,
    I saw your blog link from the homeone forum and noticed you are building with Westminster too! So are we. Our blog is which I only started a couple of days ago. We are building a Westminster Putney, which is quite heavily modified. I'll pop the plans up soon. Good luck with your build.