Wednesday, February 11, 2009

But whats on the inside? Just say upgrade!

Ok, so I'm still learning about this blog stuff.....

As I mentioned before internal colors had my head spinning. I thought I knew what I wanted, and I did, but just not in our builders range. For example I wanted Hog Bristle on the walls, which is a Dulux color. Nope can't have it. Oooook then, what do I have. Well it's still not decided!

This is what I did select:

Quantum Quartz : Luna White
Cupboards/Kickboards: 2pac Gloss Designer White
Splashback: Fixed toughened glass window

This is the look I wanted (thanks to the ever talented D@n on homeone)

Quantum Quartz : New Mink
Vanities: Designer White
Toilets: Upgraded to closed back bit (technical term as you can see)
Vanity basins upgraded

Internal: 4 panel
Front: Double solid door painted Ironstone

Ummmm I had to select a lot more but my brain is fried. When I go back through today's appointment will add some more.

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