Wednesday, February 11, 2009

But I don't like the ones with the red dots

If you are building with a volume builder, or have done so in the past you will know what I mean!

Today I got to do the "Color Selection". I thought I pretty much knew what I wanted - ha. Little did I know that everything I thought I wanted was the dreaded UPGRADE. The words I didn't want to hear. I seem to have a champagne taste on a water budget (don't we all *eyes roll*).

Also, the color consultant/designer,whilst she was really nice, is just a glorified sales lady. I could almost see the $$$ building in her eyes. (It reminded me of when you buy a new car, and you have to sit at the desk where they go through the paint protection and so on).

Anywoo - what did I pick. Well I'm so brain dead I can't remember it all!

Externals - we had preselected these as they needed to be approved in our DA for council.

Bricks: Boral Blackheath
Roof: Tiles Straitia Charcoal gray color through
Mortar: Off white, raked joints
Downpipes, Gutters, Front door: Ironstone
Fasica, Garage door, Windows: Surfmist

This image is from the Boral Bricks Boral vision software. Our facade is different but it gives you an idea of the look we are going for.


  1. Hi Belinda, every time I see the Blackheaths, I fall in love with them all over again. Friends who have seen our build think the same. Everyone loves them. So there you go - we have great taste !! Can't wait to see your house started. Better start my cooee's. Yvonne (southies)

  2. I just saw this comment Yvonne!!! I was sooo excited that someone had bothered to comment - god that is so silly! Yes I'm loving our bricks, can't wait to see them cleaned on your place!

  3. hello,

    we have blackheath as well for our bricks but it seems that what we have now is too dark. i was hoping to have the same one on the photo since it is the one on their display but it doesn't seem to be. anyway, it's not finish yet I just wish that it will be exactly like this colour :(