Thursday, October 7, 2010

Second Story Frame - Tick!

What a productive week! If only all weeks were this productive whilst building a house. We are not the proud owners of a double story framed house, complete with windows, doors, roof frame and garage frame.

So exciting.

The carpenters were amazing, balancing on the frames with ease. Dad and I got to watch the roof be put in place with the crane yesterday afternoon. What a sight! I actually didn't really want to watch the guys balancing in case of an accident (!) but Dad told me they "do it all the time".

I sent Dad up the carpenters ladder to get piccies of the first floor. I went up as far as my head so I could just see around, I just couldn't work out how I could get off the ladder and onto the first floor without going ar$e over!

I'm really happy with how everything is turning out - room sizes feel pretty good (you can always go bigger). I was always worried that the rooms would be small and pokey, but so far so good. Guess that feeling could change once plaster goes on.

Spoke with the builder to see the next few steps. Next week is plumbers rough in (boring). Week after brick delivery, then week after brickies start. I got some story about large brickie teams being in short supply - which I have heard from the H1 forum - but all well, I knew the progress would go in bursts. I'm still hoping we'll have lock uop by Christmas. We might be pushing it now.

Also trying to finalise the electrical, and I'm trying to plan a trip to the tile place soon.

Pictures as of yesterday - so none yet of the roof frame!

Kids bedroom
Another kids bedroom

Yet another kids bedroom (yes too many kids!)
My WIR (notice I call it mine! Poor DH)
Upstairs area from top of stairs


  1. Nice!! Taking shape now Bel. I hope the weather stays sunny for you, we nearly cried when our frames were soaking wet. Fingers crossed for lock up by Christmas!

  2. yay.....looking beautiful even without the roof frame!!! Bring on the blackheaths, I say!!!

    ummmmm, could you pls make your piccies a tad larger bel, for those of us who are geriatrics?