Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Go away rain and where's my frame

Just a quick update - well there is none. Darn rain - are you kidding. We have had such wet weather in Sydney - typical when all I want is progress progress progress.(And typical weather for a long weekend and school holidays!) *Hmph* Needless to say we do not have a second story as yet, but it does seem there was some work completed. They have in filled the non window areas with plywood type stuff, and the ground floor roof/2nd story floor looks to be further along.

Huuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrry UP!

Bel :)

Oh and I better get to those pictures hey. Hmmm let me see if I can go and get a few for your viewing pleasure.

Completed Slab pictures
Looking from front corner diagonally to kitchen

How's that for some drop edge beams! The indent is the internal access from garage to entry up about 7 steps.

Standing at the front door

The garage

Of course we had to have a tap photo!

These are the external drainage grates we have everywhere that cost a small fortune. At least they aren't detention pits I guess.

Timber!!! One big jigsaw puzzle that turns into a house!

Utilities connected up the driveway to next to the garage.

Looking from the top of the battleaxe.


Looking from the front doors down past the stairs and out the back to the meals/family.

Kitchen window - sink under. Great spot to scream at the kids when they are in the backyard! You think I'm kidding don't you!!!
Study - hard to photograph so just took a picture of the window!

Family - at other end of kitchen.
Lounge/dining looking from family to front of house.

Hmmm must get some updated pictures!

Bel :)


  1. Hey bel, it's disappointing when you don't see progress. Get it totally! Let's hope there's no more rain or atleast not enough to stall the works.*rolls eyes*

  2. Fabulous pics, and yes shame about the rain. I feel your pain. We had lots and lots of rain when our frame and floor was up.

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!!! It's fabulous. Best looking tap I have ever seen, and that is a slab to die for!! GORGEOUS! Concretulations! Wait the rest goes up it will soon be looking like a real house.