Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So life goes on

Here we are the first day of 2014. We have been in the house for 18 months now, geez what a process it was.  However I'm happy to report the blood sweat and tears, oh and cash, lots of cash, was worth it. We have a great home that we all love, works well for our family and makes me happy. We have only just started the driveway, concreting and landscaping but hey, like I said its all about the cash. Here's to a wonderful 2014! If you are starting your building journey, best wishes. If you know me from way back, hope you are well xoxox

P.s. So was trying to upload house photos for your viewing pleasure realised I didn't really have any! So here is the best I can do lol! Oh yes I love concrete, particularly when you have had to endue wet winters and dirt.


  1. Congratulations Bel!!! So pleased to hear you are in and happy. What an arduous process it has been for you all, and I hope you can put it all behind you and enjoy your new home. We've been in for 4 1/2 years and still no driveway or landscaping, so you are doing better than us!!! Would love to see some more completed pics if you can be bothered :) Congratulations!!

  2. I can see why it's all about the cash, that's a HUGE amount of concrete - bloody long driveway too !!!
    It will make life sooo much easier.

  3. Hey guys! Stormy great to hear from you. I'll get some inside pictures over the next couple of days :) When are we going to have coffee Southies???? Or just walk over the bridge and come and say hi :)

  4. Congrats Bel, I followed you about 4 years ago, just relieved and happy to see your beautiful house all finished! That driveway is unbelievable!