Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The time flies.......and then we have progress!

Can you believe it's the start of September! I have had such a busy month, that August has just gone in the blink of an eye.
The funny thing is, we have waited so long for progress on the house, and then all of a sudden......we have a slab. *Shock* I know. You would have thought I'd be yelling it from the roof tops, and more importantly let you all know, but I've been so flat out I haven't found the time.

So let me back track, and give you an update:

We had the site cut back at the start of August, which was an amazing feeling. A little bit excited, mixed with a little bit terrified. This house was going to happen. Finally.
Piering was completed next, wait 'til you see the pictures - looks like we are building a house to resemble swiss cheese. Well in the ground anyway.
Then while we were away (Dave and I went to San Francisco for a week)- plumbing, boxing up the frame for the slab, waffle pods and whatever else they do.
Yesterday *drum roll please* the slab was laid. (And the fact we were back from San Fran, and I was working at home, made it even sweeter)

Let the photos begin..........

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