Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frigging hell

Ok I'm allowed to say this as I've had the 48 hours from hell.

W3stm1nster Homes are having cash flow problems, and will know by the end of the week if they are to continue trading.

Arggghhh, I've spent hours crying over this - yes I'm an emotional person - I don't think this blog explains the full extent of what we have gone through in the past 18 months. It's basically been a waiting game, and we thought we had an end in sight.

So, what will we do.

I personally don't know how the Bank's extending the builder more credit will help with their problems. Isn't it robbing Peter to pay Paul??? Interesting enough on the ASIC website, someone in the company has either jumped ship, or joined. I'm guessing jumped ship to try and protect their assets before they go under.

Dave and I will look at all our options now.

Maybe because we are far more knowledgeable this time around, the process won't be so drawn out.

Hell at least this might be the catalyst to get rid of this terrible rental.

Oh, and themax - I might even get a builder that uses Dulux paints!!! (A bit of humour in a shit time doesn't hurt anyone)

Will keep you updated.

B x x

Edit - doesn't a few hours make a difference. They are officially under the control of an Administrator. Will post an update soon. Apprantely we will be receiving an email direct from the Adminstrator this afternoon. Off to check emails.


  1. I would be crying too, that's terrible news; you just wouldn't expect this kind of things to happen. please keep us up to date but totally understandable that this is must be a very tough time.

  2. Hi Bel... Horrible, horrible, horrible times. Glad you weren't into the pad/frame/bricks and mortar build part itself. Time to take stock I guess. So moving to a new rental might be something to look forward to in the short term. Hope you find a fantastic new builder soon.

  3. Thanks guys!I think things are looking up, went to some displays yesterday today - it's completely starting again :(