Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The point of No Return

We have paid the deposit and signed the contract. ::cheerleader:: That was not without drama's, but anyway :roll:

The peg out and risk assessment has been ordered (28 May) and it is supposed to take a couple of weeks to come through. We *hopefully* should be starting within the month. First up though, won't be a slab, but all the sewer stuff they need to do. But as I've said all along, a start is a start, as long as they are doing something on the block!

I also need to introduce another member of our family! No, I haven't secretly had another child! :lol: Upon return of my weekend away, DH and kids introduced me to Freddie Birdie, a rainbow lorikeet, that landed in the backyard on DH's shoulder, and hasn't left! He is really tame and loves cuddles :shock: at night he likes to cuddle into your neck! We have been looking for his family, but no one seems to have reported him missing. If we can't find his family, we will be keeping him - my rubber arm has been twisted.


  1. Freddie bird is beautiful!! Looking forward to following your build:-)