Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's all happening

Today we had some further developments - received in the mail a letter from the PCA outlining "stuff". I'll need to reread it a couple of times - I've got a sinus infection and can't think straight. :( We also got the home warranty insurance paperwork from Vero, the company that the Builder had bought a policy from in our name. And lastly I had another call from K, my customer service rep who just wanted to check we had the block clear ready to go! Yep, it sure is - trees are gone, piles of crapola gone, garage demolished years ago!

Oh so exciting - yet another step closer!

Bel :)


  1. Woo hoo, bel!!!!!!! It's all about to start happening. I vaguely remember those docs, somewhere way back in the dark ages. lol.

    Oh I shouldn't be flippant! THese are important moments not to be treated lightly!!!!

    Enjoy every second bel!

  2. The fun truly begins now Bel! Congrats!
    Let's hope the weather stays good then we're all happy :)

  3. hi Bel,

    Yes, the PCA letter is only sent after CC has been issued, so if your council has a online DA system, you will be able to see the CC. YAY!

  4. Well this is it! You are about to build your home. How wonderful. Congratulations on all your hard work. Can't wait o see it evolve...I will be watching every step.

  5. Great news about the CC!!
    I bet you'll have pegs in the dirt before you know it.