Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too many phone calls in one day.......

Yesterday was the phone call day from hell. Besides the huge amount of personal calls (!!! it is school holidays...) I had two phone calls that floored me, for different reasons.

The first was from Westminster Homes Michael Thurecht, General Mgr of the new home builds. Well that caught me out, my MIL and SIL and her troops had just arrived, my kids were screaming with excitement, and my mobile rings. It was a very interesting call, the cynic in me just says he is fishing around the "not yet signed a contract with Westminster, but has approved plans" people to see what business, if any, they will retain. I actually enjoyed talking to him, was very frank, and stayed calm (this is a biggie if you don't know me personally!). I told him we were shopping around, because at the end of the day, I just want a home built for my family. We talked about the administrators meeting, and some of the calls he has had, and I explained that you knew to expect that (don't cry poor me to me!). So I give him credit actually calling people, but he did want to gauge whether we were jumping ship.

The other call was late afternoon, I had just pulled into a girlfriends driveway - she needed to have wine with someone, while she fed her 3 kids, so thought we might as well do it together! My kids just jumped out of the car, while I was speaking with the sales rep "J" from Huxl3y homes. He wanted to advise that the first set of plans were ready, and E the architect/designer wanted to present them to us on Saturday if possible. Yes please. "J" said the plans look really great (well he isn't going to say you know - they look shit) but I did get very excited! So somehow on Saturday we need to get DS to 2 games of soccer locally, and get everyone to Homeworld at Kellyville by 12noon. Hmmm. Mum is still o/s with my sister, so Dad offered to help out with the kids but I'll see if a friend can take DS for the arvo. Then he will just have the twins, hopefully he can take them for a milkshake and a play in the park and we should be cool. Worst case he can just chuck them in the car and drive them around for an hour!!

Will keep you all posted!



  1. Hi Bel,
    I am really pleased you have taken matters into your own hands and decided on another route. I hope this one is not as rocky as the last one. Good onya! I am surprised that Mr. Thurecht has rung you we've had no phone calls, have already signed the contract and and maybe this is why!. Unfortunately we have to wait and figure out what to do next ....sigh.... we certainly live in interesting times!!!!!
    Keep the narrative coming I look forward to your progress. Best of luck.

  2. Hi Bel

    I have no idea why my name has suddenly become satiro.

    should be Tirsa

  3. Belinda, how exciting to be moving ahead so quickly. HH seem to be right on the ball !! Keep us posted - dying to know what plan they have come up with for you.

  4. Can't wait to see what they've come up with for you Bel. So glad something is happening for you!

  5. Thanks guys, I'm trying not to get too excited - if I build it up too much I'm worried it will lead to disappointment! Having wine now to calm the nerves!!!!